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20 Apr

The Absolute is the Absolute with regard to the relative.The relative, however, is relative with reference to the Absolute.Does the groping test my ability to transcend our usual limitations? In an attempt to respect our sensibilities, I will suggest that this is the same name with which we usually refer to the defecation from a bull’s digestive tract which is used to fertilize plants.Frankly, as some political candidates recently suggested in their distorted views on rape, women have plenty of opportunity to respond to being sexually molested.

We were all momentarily stunned into silence and inaction while he smiled, squeezed and muttered away.

We hear expressions like “She was dressed to kill.” Women’s beauty is described as aggression towards men.

And in short, we learn to live with it—in healthy and unhealthy ways.

When the police came to interview me, I described my assailant perfectly, recounted all parts of my thought process, impressions and the activity that had occurred with exact details.

The comments made by the middle aged adult police officers, recording the attempted rape account from a strong and calm young woman were: “You’re not a woman, what is the matter with you, why aren’t you crying?