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18 May

Technically a pseudocereal, quinoa is a complete source of protein, meaning it contains every essential amino acid the human body needs and can't generate itself.

, even before it officially hits theaters, that he never reached in this latest career path.Seeds—especially pumpkin seeds and flax seeds—are fiber-rich and nutrient-strong.They're typically high in calories, but offer lots of good fats and make for a fairly healthy, easily transportable snack on the road.Besides the fact that Zendaya is rumored to be dating her co-star Tom Holland, both she and Zac while they brought to life a super romantic love story, are actors after all. They did instantly hit it off once they met and since they have to fly up on a trapeze together on their first day of rehearsals, they got to know and trust each other very quickly.Oddly enough, their connection didn't have anything to do with their shared Disney Channel background. So we of course just had to round up some of their cutest BFF moments they've had along the way that prove Z Squared is the friendship we all need in our lives. The both totally laughed about this, but hey, it's sweet Zac was checking in on his girl and made sure she was doing okay.