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09 Apr

Once you are satisfied with the options, click OK to exit the screen.Step 35: Next, double-click Enable client-side targeting.I entered the same group name that I had specified in my GPO (Step 35). Step 39: Now, we can either wait for the GPO to be automatically applied to our test computer or, if you are impatient like me, we can speed things up. Open up Command Prompt as Administrator and run 3 commands as shown below. You will see that your test computer has appeared in the list.gpupdate /force /detectnow /reportnow Step 40: Go back to your WSUS server. If you don’t see your test computer here, do the following: Wait for about 5 minutes and hit Refresh again. The OU should have your test computer account and not the user account since its a Computer Configuration policy.Sometimes it takes a while for the PCs to show up even if you have run the above commands. Run the commands (specified in Step 39) again on your test computer.Make sure you run them from an elevated command prompt. Step 41: You will notice that even though you have specified the computer to be added to a group wsus-workstations in the GPO, the test computer still appears under Unassigned Computers.This is a very efficient way of working, allowing administrators full control of which updates are deployed to workstations.

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This will approve updates for all the children groups under All Computers.(you can also right-click the selected updates and do the same)In the window that pops up, right-click All Computers and select Approved for Install.You’ll notice that the updates haven’t been approved for the groups individually.Step 42: Now, since we have added a test computer, lets see how we can push updates to it.In your WSUS console, expand the Updates tree and select All Updates.