Wpf datagrid binding not updating

24 Apr

Of course I blame it on the fact that I've spent too much time in the ASP.NET arena where I can force a data-rebinding by calling the Data Bind method of the object.It defaults to the value "Default", which basically means that the source is updated based on the property that you bind to.As of writing, all properties except for the Text property, is updated as soon as the property changes (Property Changed), while the Text property is updated when focus on the destination element is lost (Lost Focus).Oh well, I solved the problem, so I'm all sorts of happy.

In the previous article we saw how changes in a Text Box was not immediately sent back to the source.You need to replace the entire “Expense” object for you to see the collection change firing up.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.So if you want to know the change in items of the collection you need to subscribe to the Collection Changed event of the Observable Collection But there is a problem with Observable Collection.Collection Changed event – it does not fire when your data item’s property changes. That is if you have a collection of an Entity “Expense” that has properties “Name” and “Amount” and if you simply change the Amount value in the grid it does not work!