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10 Jul

But with the voices of aggrieved men becoming louder, and parents questioning the bogus medical claims that there’s something inherently unhealthy about the natural penis, circumcision rates continue to fall.

Most Americans, though, remain surprisingly unfamiliar with the intact penis.

Parents who choose to keep their sons intact get little or – worse – the wrong information about how to care for their sons’ genitals.

They don’t know that a tight or adherent foreskin (called physiologic phimosis) is normal in babies and boys, and that over time, the foreskin will loosen and separate naturally from the head of the penis.

They’re heeding their own instincts, doing their research, and choosing to protect their sons’ bodies and right to keep the genitals nature gave them. A new lawsuit shines a bright light on this insidious practice.

She also said that Jude not being circumcised “leaves him open for infection.” For weeks after the incident, the Complaint states, Jude manifested pain, and anxiety whenever his diaper was changed.It’s just a continuation of the series adjusted to an entirely new age of interactive entertainment – fortunately, it keeps the atmosphere of the originals.Despite minor flaws, it is a strong contender for being the RPG of the year!caus[ing] the end of Jude’s penis to become bloody. Neither his mother nor [his grandmother] had ever hear him scream like that before.Neither has heard him scream that way since.” When Jude’s mother told Defendant Sorrells that no one is supposed to retract and tear an intact boy’s foreskin, the nurse insisted that what she’d done was proper, and that Ms.