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27 Jun

' The relationship between the couple appeared to fall apart quickly after the death of Beau Biden in May of 2015.

July 4, 2015, is when Hunter allegedly committed the offense that Kathleen references in her divorce filing.

Hunter is fighting her on custody, asking that he get joint physical and legal for Maisy.Soon after, Hallie's father Ron Olivere echoed that sentiment in an interview with Delaware Online , saying he 'stands with the Bidens' before adding: 'I'm in total support of the family and what they've gone through and what they continue to go through.' Friends of the Biden family felt a bit different however, with multiple people revealing they have not idea Hallie and Hunter had been having an affair.Page Six was the first to break the news of the relationship between Hallie and Hunter.Hunter loves and admires Kathleen as a person, a mother, and a friend.He hopes their privacy can be respected at this time.