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14 May

It takes care to get them right, but it is worth the trouble.

Although they're simple in essence, it is worth knowing how to use them effectively for stress-free database updates and deployments.It is called a migration script because it changes all or part of a database from one version to another. This alteration can be as simple as adding or removing a column to a table, or a complex refactoring task such as splitting tables or changing column properties in a way that could affect the data it stores.For every likely migration path between database versions, we need to store in version control the migration scripts that describe precisely those steps required to perform the change and, if necessary, moving data around and transforming it in the process Migration scripts are of two types: Migration scripts can be forward or “up” migrations that go to a newer version of a database, or backward, or “down” migrations to fall back to a previous version of a database.Likewise, a column merge would create a new column and drop the original columns.In either case, any data in the dropped column(s) will be lost.