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09 Jul

So when your eyes and brain see two towers that are parallel, they assume that they must be diverging as they rise into the air, and thus create the resulting illusion.Each year the Neural Correlate Society holds the Best Illusion of the Year Contest to find new and wonderful illusions.This amazing illusion was created by Edward H Adelson from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Although it may seem impossible to believe, the squares marked 'A' and 'B' are actually exactly the same shade of grey!Although the coils in the image appear to be rotating, in reality they're completely stationary.The effect works best in peripheral vision, so when you stare at one of the coils it will appear stationary while those around it will appear to rotate.However, move a few feet away and suddenly only the coarse features are visible, magically transforming the image into Marilyn Monroe.

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This amazing image looks like physicist Albert Einstein.Your eyes and brain see that the two squares are the same shade of grey, but then think, 'Hold on - if a square in a shadow reflects the same amount of light as a square outside of the shadow, then in reality it must be a much lighter shade of grey.' As a result, your brain alters your perception of the image so that you see what it thinks is out there in the real world.The original version of this illusion was first reported by German physiologist Ludimar Hermann in 1870, and simply involves a white grid on a black background.Finally, the two images were superimposed on top of one another.Because the fine-grained features are visible close up, the image looks like Albert Einstein when you're just a few inches away from the page.