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The costs can also be lowered indirectly by expediting processes and decreasing the risks and complexities that companies face as they deploy broadband network infrastructure.The FCC has already begun to take important steps in this direction with policies that will speed the deployment of wireless equipment on towers.Recommendation 6.1: The FCC should establish rental rates for pole attachments that are as low and close to uniform as possible, consistent with Section 224 of the Communications Act of 1934, to promote broadband deployment.As Exhibit 6-A shows, the rental rates paid by communications companies to attach to a utility pole vary widely—from approximately per foot per year for cable operators to per foot per year for competitive telecommunications companies to more than per foot per year for some incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs).Sixty male and female love-birds from the UK, Ireland, France and Germany took part in the successful attempt which was organised by online travel company Expedia.The event saw the passengers board a flight from Luton Airport in the UK to Venice - a city often described as the capital of romance – before going on 20, three minute dates during the two hour (and 730 mile) flight, with the plane reaching a height of 35,000 feet.

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First, government should take steps to improve utilization of existing infrastructure to ensure that network providers have easier access to poles, conduits, ducts and rights-of-way.

Second, the federal government should foster further infrastructure deployment by facilitating the placement of communications infrastructure on federally managed property and enacting “dig once” legislation.

No.6 Records was an independent record label, started in 1989 as a subsidiary of Rough Trade Records by A&R representative and booking agent Terry Tolkin.

The name of the label came from the British television series The Prisoner; the main character was known in the series as "Number 6".