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Almost anywhere when the soil is turned over by the plow or in excavations these concretions may be found. It is an interesting historic fact that it was the invention and introduction of the bicycle, which first awakened practical attention to the need of better roads. And often after the rain has washed newly thrown-up soil the ground seems to be literally covered with them. In our own county before that time the pathways of travel were often impassable from mud and water : whole stretches were a mass of gopher mounds, rendering the road perilous ; and the grades, where the bluffs by the rivers were approached, were not infrequently of 15 per cent. Its value for agricultural purposes is not exceeded anywhere. It was DODGE AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES 121 established in January, 1892. CHAPTER XIV DODGE COUNTY AND MODERN ROADS (By William H. It prevails over at least three-fourths of the surface of Nebraska. Some sections in Dakota and other counties measure over 200 feet. It had for its original officers and directors the following persons : E. Buss) The substance of this chapter was derived from a very instructive interview, obtained by one of our editors, from the Hon. Wolz, popularly known as "Good Roads Wolz," who, to use an historical term, might well be called "The Great Waywarden" of eastern Nebraska. When washed in water left standing and the water poured off and the coarser materials have settled the residuum after evaporation to dryness is almost entirely composed of fine siliceous powder. France was the leader of the new movement, to be speedily followed by England, and the main roads of Europe have, for 150 years, been of high and excellent quality, admired by all tourists. So fine indeed are the particles of silica that its true character can only be detected by analysis or under the microscope. The highways of our own country, on the contrary, up to a half-century ago, were left to themselves, very largely, and were a discredit to our civilization. This is the main reason why over all the region where these deposits pre- vail, the natural vegetation and the well cultivated crops are rarely dried or drowned out. Fidelity Trust Company This financial institution was established August 15, 1911, in the First National Bank Building, corner Fifth and Main streets, Fremont. As in all times of progress opposition soon developed and it was asserted that the demand was for the taxation of property holders in the interest of joy-riders, the aristo- crats of motor travel.

This deposit though not particularly rich in organic remains, is in some respects one of the most remarkable in the world. Nebraska State Building and Loan Association Among the most successful and flourishing institutions of its kind in the entire commonwealth is the association above headed. The year following the completion of this doubling of the lines, he harvested from this eighty and adjoining forty which had been tiled at the same time over 8,000 bushels of corn, or about seventy bushels to the acre. About ten per cent is composed of the carbonates and phosphates of lime. Such care as they received was rendered by local authorities, who with no adequate system, or Government encouragement, slighted them, and suffered them to come to such degeneration as they might. These materials are so abundant in these deposits that they spontaneously crystallize or form concretions from the size of a shot to that of a walnut ; and these are often hollow or contain some organic matter or a fossil around which the crystalliza- tion took place. The United States Government took charge of the roads in national parks, but left all others to the people who use them. Old gopher hills and weather-beaten hill- sides furnish these concretions in unlimited quantities for the geologist and curiosity hunter. 5 from the Republican Valley, near Orleans, in Harlan County. Attempts at improvement include the casting up, in this section, of the Broad Street grade in 1880 and that on Military Avenue in 1885. When first exposed most of these concretions are soft enough to be rubbed fine between the fingers but they gradually harden by the atmosphere. Agricultural Value of the Loess As would be expected from the elements which chemical analysis shows to be present in these deposits it forms one of the best soils in the world. The roads west of the county seat were through a sand region and needed less help.