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20 Apr

If a machine doesn’t have a local WSUS configuration, the Windows Update Agent will query against Microsoft’s Internet servers for the patches Microsoft deems appropriate (and constrained by the criteria you’ve added).

There’s plenty more you can add to this starter Power Shell script, like data gathering and reporting, emailing of reports, and all manner of if/then statements and verifications that tie everything together.

At Ignite 2017 we announced that Power BI Desktop is now available through the Windows Store!

You can get it from We know that the majority of our users are already on Windows 10 so this should be a great way for you to keep up to date with Power BI Desktop automatically and without requiring admin permissions.

If you’re not planning to update to Windows 10, you can still get the version in the same way we’ve made it available before.

I have and will have files which are named "x_1x_2x_3.txt, ..." my other program where I input these files cannot recognize the order so it sorts like this "x_1, x_101, x_2.txt").

Since the native Windows Update Agent will respect configurations handed to it manually or via Group Policies, running this will download only those updates you’ve approved for installation in your WSUS console.

Start there first, before kicking off this script against individual machines.

Then, one day, you figure out how one little script can change your life for the better.

That script for me was a tiny but powerful WSUS hack back in 2007.