Rainie dating sunny

16 Aug

Vanessa ends her affair with Max so that Jodie and Darren can continue to see each other, and Jodie and Darren have sex for the first time.During a special lunch on Vanessa's birthday, Harry shows little interest in her, and Jodie tells her that she realises now that they are not happy together and urges her to go back to Max, which she does.Darren gains custody of George, who keeps Jodie awake at night, causing her to be late for work where she is told by Roxy that there is a new manager of the salon, Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner).When Jodie is left alone with George, she struggles and leaves him with Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison), George's mother.During a New Year's Eve party, a drunken Jodie persuades Darren to tell her he wants to marry her.Darren is unsure at first but goes to propose, but she stops him as she was not serious.

Darren also proposes to Jodie but decides not to marry her after thinking he's not good enough for her.

Harry then starts to take revenge, including throwing a brick through the window and killing Jodie's cat.

Vanessa tells Jodie she met a young Portuguese fisherman on holiday and he is her father, though she did not know his name.

She then finds her mother, Vanessa (Zöe Lucker) who hands her the keys to her new car, and Jodie reveals she got the job she had interviewed for at Roxy Mitchell's (Rita Simons) salon.

The next day she goes for lunch with Darren and she thinks it is sweet when Darren reveals he has a son, George Trott.