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26 Jul

Michael Gove is the first Education Secretary to say that enough is enough.

He has said he’s not afraid to preside over a drop in exam grades.

Like Labour, the Liberal Democrats are said to be worried about the return of a two-tier educational system, where some children get O-levels while others study allegedly inferior CSEs — or whatever the less onerous exams system envisaged by Gove might be called.

If they can’t afford a private education these same parents will often move homes or jobs in order to get their children into schools that use honest exam and traditional teaching systems. The compassionate politician who cares about equality of opportunity won’t accept this status quo, and will point out that the current system is dishonest.

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Britain started sliding down the international league tables that compared the abilities of children in China, Germany, Korea and Britain.

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They want to protect their jobs-for-life regime where bad teachers are rarely sacked but are instead allowed to damage countless pupils’ life chances, year after year. He’s ready to close down a system where children who can’t manage their times tables are studying for exactly the same exams as those who are on track to study physics at Oxbridge.

Meanwhile, the questions in exams have become preposterously silly.