Pocket planes flight crew not updating

30 Sep

Sure it's common-sense, but if you refuel a few trains to make more runs, and then you stop playing to do something else for half an hour, you've basically wasted those Bux as those trains will have refueled by the time you get back.

General Coin and Gameplay Tips Coins, meanwhile are earned on the vast majority of cargo shipments and are used to repair trains, open new routes, assign routes to lines, and create new train lines.

Even if you prefer not to transport cargo between lines (which is something I recommend against later), you should at least make the effort for the Bux.

Don't Shrug Off the Daily Events While Pocket Trains doesn't award the same sort of 'oomph' in rewards compared to the social-oriented Pocket Planes flight crew events, they are still a great opportunity to earn some Bux.

First, Bux should be saved and used primarily for opening crates, as there's no other way to opening them up without bux.

Other than crates, I'd argue that Bux should then be used towards situationally upgrade stations and refueling trains, as (again) Bux are the only currency that allows you to do that.

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If you haven't successfully planed out the routes for that new city, you'll be in a position where some of your stations will ask you to transport cargo there and it may be too burdensome or even impossible to get it there.

This means you might lose out on a job you actually can take on because you were overzealous in unlocking a new city.

So, make sure the infrastructure is there before expanding.

Make An Effort To Prioritize Bux Cargo Considering our previous statements about the importance of Bux while playing Pocket Trains, it should be obvious that players should prioritize picking up and delivering items that award Bux for their delivery.

This goes beyond simply picking up the ones on your route; if the Bux cargo is on a different line, pick it up anyways if only to unload it on the stockyard of a line that can get it to its destination (or heck, even any other station just to save it).