Pinoy hairstyle for men

06 May

This style is often seen on stylish black men but has a lot to offer any guy that is looking for a manageable solution to thick or curly hair.The line at the front gives definition and catches the eye.

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So, we’ve gathered 50 photos of some of our favorite short hairstyles for you below. These are the Top 50 Short Men’s Hairstyles that will have you racing to make an appointment with your hair stylist or barber.While a very high flat top is not something a lot of guys are into, this offers the flat look at a reasonable height.If you like to get outdoors and have manageable hair, then consider The Flats.The short sides decrease weight and heat in the summer while the long top gives you something to style numerous ways.While this style looks a lot like a pompadour, the lines are not quite that.