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03 Apr

Photographs taken from the night of the shooting, which were used by Orlando police as part of their investigation and revealed in the Orlando Sentinel, showed Loibl standing with his arms crossed at the back of the crowd made up of mostly teenage girls.

Other photos taken by police showed the weapons Loibl had bought, his ticket to Grimmie's show and a shot of his bedroom where the windows had been covered up with aluminum foil to block out the light.

The two childhood friends had previous experience in live events when they organized adventure 5K races called Run For Your Lives, where participants had to avoid 'zombies' along the obstacle race The event was a success and proved to Hogan and Smith, who had previous experience in live events, that there was demand for that kind of interactive entertainment, but there was a problem.

It had taken Smith a full six months to develop the design for the specific location while Hogan was on active duty with the Navy.

Instead, they wanted a game they could recreate elsewhere without taking months to plan for a specific location, so they came up with a box subscription service, essentially the Blue Apron or Birch Box for true crime fanatics.

The monthly subscription service launched in October 2016 and Hunt A Killer has since had 36,000 customers.'I think what we're both very, very passionate about is just creating mind blowing experiences,' Hogan told Daily about himself and co-founder Smith.

Each box is set up almost like an episode of a television show and a series of boxes follow a storyline like a season.

I saw the yellow barricade fall and the two people who had just met her started running away.

Subscribers are told they have joined a community called the 'Listening Friends of America' and will be receiving packages from a 'Friend', someone who spends their time in isolation, whether in a prison, a hospital, hospice or a psychiatric ward.

That 'Friend' will send subscribers letters, pictures, articles and other items which all together is meant to lead recipients to solve a murder mystery when they solve the puzzles and crack the codes.

Global animal lovers are up in arms over a teenage Texas girl's love of killing big African game, so much so that they're even demanding she be banned from posting pictures of herself smiling alongside her trophies online. 19-year-old Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones really likes to kill rare animals in Africa.

While she pays for her legal hunts, her critics says she's not the conservationist she claims to be Jones, whose Facebook indicates she 'is looking to host a TV show in January 2015,' maintains she is doing what's best for the preserves, where there isn't always space for even threatened species like elephants or lions.'Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these,' Jones writes.