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15 Aug

All of whom are incredibly supportive with their endeavors and hold a strong sense of pride in their accomplishments.

In 2014, JD Farms Pulling started blowing smoke again with the new Red Rider and added Crazy Horse to the stable in 2015.

Looking back on the past four years of his pulling career Joey has learned a lot and become a much better puller.

But one thing to remember about all those late night pulls and dirt slinging is that you need to enjoy every moment regardless of the turnout. He lost his life and it was a very tough time for us all.

Matt is also incredibly grateful that Keith lets him drive and is working with Matt to someday replace him and keep their team going even when he really screws up they work together to get it back together and keep going. Two of Matt’s dad's brothers Jeff and Fred have each had their time in the seat and continue to support the team and are avid pulling fans themselves.

Matt would also need to thank his mom Carolyn, sister Amanda and his fiancé Jessica.