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09 Feb

Music mogul Russell Simmons is accused of assault by Keri Claussen Khalighi, an aspiring model who was 17 when she says Simmons assaulted her and coerced her into perform oral sex while Brett Ratner was present, according to a report from The Los Angeles Times on Nov. 13, alleges that Tom Sizemore touched her genitals during a photo shoot for the film.His agent Stephen Rice, told the industry trade paper, "Our position is 'no comment.'" Actor Anthony Rapp, claims he was 14 when Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey made advances towards him in 1986. 30, blaming drunken behavior and coming out at as gay as well.In the 1980s a police report details an 16-year-old girl consented to having sex with Sylvester Stallone in Las Vegas.However she felt intimidated into having group sex with him and his bodyguard. The accusations of sexual misconduct are numbered in the hundreds against screenwriter and director James Toback (The Pick-up Artist, Two Girls and a Guy) according to reports from the Los Angeles Times on Oct. The Times says 31 of the women spoke on the record about their encounters with Toback, which go back decades, and more than 270 have contacted journalist Glenn Whipp with similar claims. 24 of luring aspiring actresses to his hotel room for an audition, adding it happened to her in the 1980s.The latter mention drew huge criticism as a lame shield.

In an interview with that "many of the details and emotional notes come from life, they were accumulated over decades, not drawn from a single bad date."People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the story, many writing about how it resembled some of their own experiences."Men and women don't understand each other.A year after the incident, Gordon was let go from Mad Men. Ed Westwick known for his role on Gossip Girl is accused of sexual misconduct by two women. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman.Actress Kristina Cohen accused Westwick in a Facebook post Nov. I certainly have never committed rape." Rachel Eck accused him of groping her and unwanted advances in a Buzzfeed report on Nov. NBC fired Matt Lauer, longtime anchor of the 'Today 'show, on Nov.They meet at the theater where she works, start texting and eventually go on a date that doesn't end well — after cringe-worthy conversations and a bad kiss, Margot guilts herself into enduring sex that she really doesn't want to partake in.So why has the story struck a chord with so many people?