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04 Mar

Payne's lawyer said he has had some issues - but that it was only part of his 27-year record with the department.

Hundreds of homeless people in Salt Lake City have mysteriously vanished over recent weeks and residents are baffled as to why.

Everybody is spreading out.' 'The rhetoric from the mayor and policy workers was "We're trying to help,"' local activist Michael Clara said. Don't scatter them and then try to help.'Not everyone, however, is opposed to the boosted police presence in the city.

'They've cleaned the place up,' said Zach Curry, a homeless man who has been living in Utah's capital city for the past 10 years.

City officials say that many are victims of circumstance, consigned to living on the streets due to economic conditions, mental health issues or opioid addictions.

As a result, the city saw violent crimes staring to rise.

Over the past few months, a police shooting and three unrelated murders have been reported in Salt Lake City.

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But what has baffled city officials and residents is how stunningly sudden hundreds of people have decided to leave in such a short amount of time.Over the past few years, growing homelessness in Salt Lake was partly exacerbated by rising rent costs and stagnant wages.The result saw about 2,200 people in the region go without shelter on any given night, according to The Guardian.Following a police operation conducted in mid-August, Utah's capital city has seen its down and out dwindle dramatically.Homeless shelters and temporary housing facilities which once offered relief to the destitute in the downtown area are now empty, according to Sgt Brandon Shearer, who seems equally perplexed as he searches for homeless camps during helicopter patrols.