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17 Aug

She’s worked in the dating industry for seven years, coached thousands of women and men, been the dating expert on The Apprentice and Made In Chelsea.Her biggest ‘social experiment’ video – blondes vs brunettes – clocked up 4.4m You Tube views.‘They literally gave a set of rules to live by if one wants to have a husband. ‘People say approaching someone in the daytime is harassment. ‘Why is it fine to meet someone by going to a bar, getting drunk, deciding there’s no-one fit around you and then going on Tinder?‘Chapter Two, which clearly states, no joke, you have to be “a creature unlike any other”. ‘And yet speaking to someone in the travel section of Foyles would be really f***ing weird? ‘But if it’s not, I’ve seen a fantastic thing you can find on the internet.Dating coaching available in your city: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton and internationally in Seattle, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and more.Forget all your preconceived notions about life coaches, if you have any. Take a look at her provocative Instagram feed and you’ll think she’s a model, but Maison works in the field of health and wellness, posing solely as a creative outlet.

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Are you looking for a lifelong partner, but somehow keep finding person after person who is looking for a casual relationship with no strings?But it can be difficult to figure out on your own how to address it.A dating coach can tell you more about expected behavior.‘It’s like a waiver form and it says, “Thank you for this unsolicited submission of this picture.‘”Unfortunately it failed to meet our most basic requirements.