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08 May

A decadent, rich cake with Maui Vanilla Creme Anglaise and Kona Espresso Ice Cream is definitely worth the trip for a Hawaiian-tinged, gooey dessert.In Florida, nachos get amped up and become Dessert Nachos.Katie digs into a staple of Hawaii, the Spicy Poke Bowl. Katie quenches her thirst with a Loaded Bloody Mary. In Arizona, Katie savors a bit of the Southwest with Sweet Daddy Hotcakes.Because there's nothing hotter than a spicy beach bite!Katie teams up with her Kitchen Co-Host, Marcela Valladolid for tacos in San Diego.

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Where to countdown Beach Bites with Katie Lee air dates? She samples some fresh Ahi Tuna Nachos, helps cook a one of a kind Caribbean Stewed Chicken, kayaks to shore for a burger with a unique twist and enjoys Oyster Escabeche, with oysters she helped harvest.

California is representing with the Cococarma, a coconut, caramel, ice cream skillet cookie.

Katie delivers the two hottest sweets in Hawaii with a classic Shave Ice on the North Shore of Oahu and a beachside Flourless Chocolate Cake in Maui.

ART Burger Sushi Bar, Beach Bites with Katie Lee, Bondfire Restaurant Group, Burgers, Cooking Channel, myrtle beach, Outdoor dining, Patio dining, Restaurant Industry, restaurants, sandwiches, Seafood, Special event, sushi, Uncategorized The show is in its second season, and the episode is called “Off the Eaten Path.” The show’s host, Katie Lee, was on the hunt for unusual dishes when Chef Quentin Wright submitted information about himself and about ART Burger Sushi Bar.

After several interviews, including a Skype interview, the show’s producers selected Chef Q, ART and the Fried Chicken Roll to be featured.