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29 Jul

Indeed, when Jay visits him, a volunteer is reading to him. He tells his family about some things that Ed has been up to.

We hadn’t heard that when they met, so we’re not sure exactly how true they are. At first he tries to get Murray to remember him but Murray just insists “Stories! And they are unpleasant stories—about men taking advantage of women, luring them into places where they are then attacked.

Yet ultimately his presence ends up spoiling everything. Later on, he tells Murray stories that he heard from his family, as if they had happened to him.

And what rang out in the story is when Jay’s father said that “fiction was folly and only jackasses and liars made up stories.” So what is Jay? The story ends with another death and more tears, but no definitive answers.

The differences are pronounced but not emphasized: Jay’s family is there to make arrangements, to plan for all of the details.

Meanwhile, Murray has no family, no one to visit him in hospice.

Murray was their English teacher–Jay has become a writer—with Ed emphasizing how important Murray was to them.

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