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15 Mar

You’ve probably heard the horror stories: the Chinese using restricted stimulation to “brainwash” prisoners of war during the Korean War; prisons employing solitary confinement as psychological torture.Initial research studies into the psychophysical effects of sensory deprivation, carried out in the 1950s at Mc Gill University, further damaged its reputation, reporting slower cognitive processing, hallucinations, mood swings and anxiety attacks among the participants.Are these proclaimed benefits backed up by science or are they simply new-age hogwash?Why would anyone willingly subject him or herself to sensory deprivation?Jet Dock Systems don't use any electrical parts or require any complicated tools to install.Our boat lifts and docks require no maintenance and are extremely portable for convenience.There was no light, no smell, no touch and – save for the gasping of my breath and drumming of my heart – no sound.

25 Sept 1940 Bristol Aeroplane Company (BAC) at Filton and surrounding area bombed, 99 people killed. By the end of WW2 1299 killed in Bristol (more info | close).

80 acres of tidal river was impounded to allow visiting ships to remain afloat all the time.

Over the next two centuries the Harbour grew as a busy commercial port until it closed in 1975.

The latter, first developed by John Lilly in the 1970s and now widely commercialized, is what I decided to experience myself.

The Oasis flotation tank was much chunkier than I expected.