Fosil dating

13 Jul

The re-dating and the tranche of new human bones convince Hublin that early H. “It’s a face you could cross in the street today,” he says.

The teeth — although big compared with those of today's humans — are a better match to H.

Midiendo la cantidad de átomos inestables que quedan en una roca y comparándola con la cantidad de átomos estables que hay en la roca, los científicos pueden estimar el tiempo que ha transcurrido desde que se formó esa roca.

En general, los fósiles se encuentran en las rocas sedimentarias, no en las rocas ígneas.

Cuando la roca fundida se enfría forma las llamadas rocas ígneas y los átomos radiactivos quedan atrapados en su interior.

Después, estos átomos radiactivos se van desintegrando a una velocidad predecible.

sapiens fossils — 196,000 and 160,000-year-old skulls.

Around this time, the Sahara was green and filled with lakes and rivers.

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Researchers say that they have found the oldest Homo sapiens remains on record in an improbable place: Morocco.

Now, “I would say the Garden of Eden in Africa is probably Africa — and it’s a big, big garden.” Hublin was one of the leaders of the decade-long excavation at the Moroccan site, called Jebel Irhoud.

Hublin first became familiar with Jebel Irhoud in the early 1980s, when he was shown a puzzling specimen of a lower jawbone of a child from the site.