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23 May

Districts employ school resource officers with a variety of backgrounds — sometimes off-duty or retired police officers.

Districts also employ school security personnel who are not sworn law enforcement officers, like the one who handcuffed Kalyb Wiley-Primm.

She described how the Bagleys initially showed her images and videos of people practicing bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism — or BDSM — and told her it was fun.

She signed a contract on her 18th birthday that Bagley said made her his sex slave for life. Louis suburb of Kirkwood received a 20-year sentence and must pay 3,000 in restitution.

He pleaded guilty in December 2011 to one count of sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion.

Said Bedell, "Their job is to ensure that we have a safe learning environment, and that our kids are protected from imminent harm.According to the incident report, the officer said he cuffed the boy, who "appeared to be out of control," to keep him from hurting himself.Due in part to tragic school shootings like the Columbine massacre, police and security officers are now a regular presence at schools. Called the Civil Rights Data Collection, every two years all public school districts are required to report to the Education Department on wide-ranging topics from suspensions and expulsions to arrests and referrals of students to law enforcement.Holly Zornes, who works at a high school not far from Kalyb’s school in Kansas City, is a police officer.She patrols the halls in a bulletproof vest, carrying cuffs and a loaded gun.