Dating chandelier

14 Apr

Regardless of the design, chandeliers are meant to be a functional focal point for the room.“The chandelier is the star of show, when it comes to light fixtures,” says Xavier Matons, of American Brass & Crystal.“When people see our chandeliers, there is always a strong reaction.”Although American Brass & Crystal offers contemporary and traditional chandeliers, they are best known for their heirloom quality pieces that grace elegant homes and are featured as brightly lit centerpieces in luxurious hotel lobbies or well-dressed convention centers.“Our specialty is cast brass and crystal,” offers Matons.

The History of Chandeliers The first chandeliers lit the room with candles, which tells us the original meaning of the word – candleholder.

Its crystal chandeliers are still handmade and are some of the most coveted luminaires in the industry.

The Crystal Chandelier The crystals used on chandeliers create their dazzling appearance, but they also have a functional purpose.

Many of the pieces of the chandelier still carry names that give away their historical lineage.

The piece that supports the socket is called the candle cup and the cover around the socket is referred to as the candle cover.