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27 Feb

Everyone was so looking forward to it, still ask about it. Grey: …I am most anxiously awaiting Sleeping With Monsters by Amelia Hutchins and I know it’s coming… I’m in the process of blocking out the rest of my calendar right now! Suddenly all pre-orders were cancelled, the book disappeared and no word from the author on a new release date or anything about the book at all. I’ve been waiting for raw rebirth by Belle Aurora since I don’t even remember. he moves his family to Alaska live off the grid because he has PTSD as a new start, and he begins to unravel… ), Diesel: Satan’s Fury MC (she has an accident and ends up at this MC while they care for her), Bad Wolf (her neighbor is a bad guy, but she can’t resist him…), Sawyer Bennett’s latest (Reed - her new neighbor is a famous hockey star!!

Plus, I’ve got a review coming up next (Emma Scott’s latest that I LOVED), an awesome author news roundup, and I’m finishing a darn good (so far, anyway) psych thriller from this month’s Kindle First choices. It was a beautiful story and will go down as an all time fave for me. *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* She winds up becoming his assistant and also trying to hide her identity as someone who was invited to the house for an exclusive sexy type glow party and got involved with him. In fact, I think it does because this was a past reader question, wasn’t it? I remember in the other reader question they were trying to raise money for their friend. It’s the Pay For Play by victoria ashley which is the alphachat series. the Pay For Play (Book 1) by Hilary Storm and Victoria Ashley. Lol Though, I did read a couple outta the Sins and Needles trilogy and loved em. ** I’m sure there are more, I can’t think of them right now though. ), Midnight Valentine (OMG another huge blurb-jolt, and I can’t even figure out the most intriguing part of the blurb to post… but anyway, she’s driving her husband, and years later as she tries to start over, she meets him, and he hates her immediately…) and OMG!!!! Killing Hearts Diana: Ladies, I can’t stress enough: if you like slow burns or the Olympics you need to read Mariana Zapata’s latest From Lukov With Love. I want the next after Veiled: A Standalone Paranormal Urban Fantasy. Kooloo: My fav zomb/apoc series is UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD by Sarah Fleming – it had everything romance, humor, heartache and horror = perfect BUT I’m waiting for Book 3 of her NEXT series which happens on the same time line but revolves around the younger brother of the heroine Cassie in UTEOW!!! Sarah: Madeline Sheehan & Diana Gabaldon Kelly: Crow’s Row series (book three) by Julie Hockley. The banter and chemistry between Carson and Laney was off the charts!Nikki: Oh, that sounds like the description she gave! They get together and I can’t remember why they part but she leaves and……. We can truly feel your love for writing, your inspiration and exhilaration in your stories and it leads us down that same wonderful path. Authors have real lives to live, and inspiration may take them in different directions. I’ve wanted to read this series for awhile because it’s always highly recommended on those best dystopian fiction lists.