Dairy queen commercial online dating

10 Sep

On Lexington Avenue in Roseville, just a little north of Larpenteur Avenue, is a remarkable little building sitting in a strip-mall parking lot.

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(Today he leads Jostens.)By the late 1950s, a number of franchisees decided that a more systematic approach was needed to create more control and consistency over the brand and its products.

To finance the new parent company, American Dairy Queen Corp., in 1962, the franchisees sought a bank loan.

Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis (precursor to Wells Fargo’s Minnesota operations) was willing to make that loan, but with this proviso: That the company be headquartered in Minneapolis.

By 1997, however, management and shareholders were ready to sell.

The deal closed in 1998; Mooty, who’d been with Dairy Queen since 1987 and its CFO in the most recent years, was named CEO and president three years later.