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13 Jun

Elle enchaîne alors les participations télévisées, toujours dans des productions américaines telles que Six Degrees, où six personnes qui ne se connaissent pas, se retrouvent connectées les unes aux autres.

La jeune femme commence alors une carrière cinématographique avec The Babysitters, dans lequel une adolescente se retrouve mêlée à une sombre affaire de proxénétisme.

I already knew from having watched and “Star Wars” but Jay has a very long and impressive resume. Very typical family man.” I don’t do justice to how much Craig respects his peers, but he speaks very quickly and can tear through facts and anecdotes about people faster than a fan juiced on caffeine and three sleepless nights. “You’ve got to learn from every job that you can,” he continued. And then, yeah, it happened.” And it happened in a controversial way, if I may say so.

I couldn’t resist asking what it’s like to work with Jay. Despite working in Australian television for many years Craig had never met Jay Laga’aia before shooting on , Craig mused, “It’s almost like it’s come full circle again, now it’s nearly ten years later since I started.” “It was the first audition I’d ever gone for,” he recalled. We talked a little bit more about his career track, moving back to , I asked him. Although I didn’t want to draw Craig into the Hercules and Xena discussion, there are so many connections to the previous shows that it’s hard for a hard core nutball like me to overlook the obvious.

Bruce Spence (“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, “Australia”, “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”) is one of Craig’s co-stars. “When it’s all done I can rest and recoup and I can really enjoy that.

When we spoke on the phone Craig was still working on the second season, with five more episodes to shoot. I guess last year I knew the day I wrapped I would go to the United States.” Not for rest and relaxation.

“Then like a week later I had a lead role in a show that ran for eight months.” He realized his enthusiasm for acting very quickly. New Zealand’s film and television industry is extremely talented and professional but rather small.

When “The Lord of the Rings” was gearing up for production I asked Stephen Sears (Co-Executive Producer on Xena) if the movies were having an impact on his show.

Herc and Xena fans regularly looked up guest star bios from videos that had been smuggled out of New Zealand.

He’s pretty excited about that as it came up a couple of times.

If it happens this will be Craig’s first American entertainment event.

En 2008, elle participe au show de la Fox, New Amsterdam, avec Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), et interprète le rôle d’une hôte...

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