Colorado state law on dating

22 Mar

By this, they typically mean: We have filed paperwork with the Court asking for a divorce, and we are now living separate and apart from each other (or at least in separate quarters of our home.) This is NOT what Colorado divorce law means by the term legal separation.

Colorado law provides two separate choices for married parties seeking to formally separate their lives.

For others, though, a divorce marks a time to move on. There is no right or wrong answer as to how you should conduct yourself, however, there are things to note and remember.

Many people feel they are free to begin a relation with a new acquaintance at the moment the the couple decides to divorce.

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Property must be divided, debts assigned, and, if appropriate, spousal support determined.

Many of our clients or visitors believe that Colorado law automatically grants couples some special, legally recognized status when they live apart during a pending divorce.

People commonly say: My spouse and I are legally separated.

Dating during the dissolution process may negatively impact the spirit of cooperation needed between both spouses.

Your spouse may feel the need to let the court know that you are currently dating.